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Methods and Tools


Czamanski Ben Shahar and Co.  performs economic analyses and develops and uses sophisticated and unique models.

Economic analyses:

  • Competitive advantage assessment for specific activities and locations
  • Cost assessments for real estate projects
  • Market power assessments
  • Assessment of local economic impacts of real estate prpojects
  • Fiscal impacts assessments on local authorities
  • Demand assessment in all real estate markets
  • Income and profit forecasting

Examples of simulations and econometric models:

  • Gravity models for commercial facilities
  • Recursive models of gasoline stations
  • Cellular automaton type simulation models of urban expansion
  • Hedonic models to assess willingness to pay for projects and project characteristics
  • Non-linear dynamic models, including analyses of price stability

Characterization of consumers and behavior:

  • Consumers' surveys
  • Focus groups
  • Identification of potential clients of future products
  • Public participation processes
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