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Our Contribution to Clients

The future of real estate markets, and of the retail sector in particular, is characterized by increasing competition due to the entry of new actors. In this competitive environment, Czamanski Ben Shahar and Co. enables its clients to increase their profits and to prevent wrong economic decisions.


Czamanski Ben Shahar & Co. creates a competitive advantage for our clients through the:


  • Identification of possible economic activities and quantification of competitive threats
  • Identification of unique areas of economic activities
  • Matching new activities to locations, while  reducing transition costs
  • Identification of the nature and strengths of existing and future business threats
  • Design of sophisticated marketing strategies
  • Introduction of work methods that restore and adjust dynamically projects over their lifetime


Our consulting services enable our clients to:


  • Identify and seize economic opportunities
  • Allocate resources in an optimal fashion
  • Prevent and minimize economic risks and threats 
  • Supply economic basis for future plans
  • Reduce uncertainties
  • Create income 




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