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The Experts

 The firm's multi-disciplinary team of experts is uniquely suited to confront complex consulting missions. The firm's team possesses the required knowledge in all the relevant fields. The firm's experts are experienced professionals with extensive practical business and policy experience.

Mr. Tamir Ben Shahar CEO
Ben Shahar is an expert in retail markets analysis and the operations of retail chains. In addition he has extensive experience in statutory planning, privatization of public services, public utility regulation and location theory. He was educated at Haifa University and the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, where he earned a masters degree in city and regional planning.
Prof. Daniel Czamanski Chairman
Czamanski is a world recognized urban and energy economist. He serves as professor at the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology. Czamanski has three degrees in economics. He served as advisor of governments in the USA, Canada and Israel, served on the National Planning Board of Israel, was the chief economist of the National Regulatory Research Institute in the USA and senior vice president of the Canadian Energy Research Institute. He is the author of tens of books and academic papers in urban and energy economics.
Mrs. Meyrav Einstein Siano VP
Economist and Business Coacher. vast Commerce and Retailing experience. B.A. (Economics and Business Administration), University Of Haifa, Diploma (Personal and Business Coacher), Technion - Israel Institute Of Technology, In the course of M.B.A. (Business Administration) - with honors.
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